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10 décembre 2006
Québec Solidaire Adopts a Program for Government
New Left Party Debates Election Platform in First Policy Convention

By Richard Fidler

Source : Socialist Voice,

MONTRÉAL – Quebec’s new party of the left, Québec solidaire, held its first policy convention here on November 24-26. The 320 delegates — 48% of them women — debated, amended and adopted a draft platform for the next general election in Quebec, expected in 2007.
Québec solidaire has grown rapidly since its founding in February of this year. It now boasts 5,100 members in some 70 local associations organized on an electoral constituency basis, as well as student groups on the major college and university campuses. It is registering between 4% and 8% support in province-wide opinion polls, and in by-elections this year its candidates garnered up to 22% of the votes.

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Québec Solidaire platform convention

7 novembre 2005
PQ's Rightward Shift Opens Space for New Left Party in Quebec
Editors Note: This article was first published in The Bullet, an on-line bulletin of the Ontario-based Socialist Project. The article looks ahead to the founding conference of a new left-wing and pro-independence party in Quebec, to be held in January, 2006. The conference is jointly organized by the Union des forces progressistes (Union of Progressive Forces) and Option citoyenne (Citizens' Choice). Together, these two parties number several thousand members.
The pro-sovereignty Parti Quebecois has governed the province of Quebec for 18 of the past 30 years. It is presently the main opposition party in the National Assembly; later this month its members will elect a new leader to replace former premier Bernard Landry.

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PQ's righward shift